Learning the Lingo – What Medical Supplies Do You Need in Your Life?

Learning the Lingo – What Medical Supplies Do You Need in Your Life?

 It’s amazing the number of objects that we use throughout the day without ever thinking of them. We spend years teaching children the functions and names of toothbrush, soap, comb, and towel, and then as adults, we use all of these things and more every morning to get dressed. When cooking, we can use dozens of items ranging from a frying pan to a meat thermometer, effortlessly reaching for the next implement because of years of honed muscle memory. But when facing a new medical condition, the new terms for the medical supplies that you now need to use can seem intimidating. Here are some things you can do to make the experience seem easier to handle.


The first thing to do is to periodically remind yourself that you are capable of understanding and managing your health condition. Whether it is temporary or permanent, you are in charge of knowing what’s happening to your body and how to manage it. The old saying “knowledge is power” really is true. Once you know what is going on inside you, it’s a lot easier to assert some control over it.


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Diabetes offers a good example of a condition that requires you to master a new vocabulary. Diabetes affects a number of people, from expectant mother experiencing the often-temporary gestational diabetes,  to adolescents who are experiencing the onset of Type 1 diabetes, to the elderly who often suffer Type 2 Diabetes. Blood glucose, insulin, syringes, insulin pumps, and test strips are all part of the new vocabulary for those who suffer from this disease.


Proper management, however, is one of the keys to living effectively with diabetes. In fact, this makes a world of difference for almost any disease. If you ignore the problems, for example not checking your blood sugar as often as you should, chances are your condition will probably get worse. Taking the time to educate yourself, by talking with your doctors and nurses and even joining support groups with people who have the same disease, can help you feel more equipped to overcome your condition. Keep in mind, you want to go to professional sources for information. Articles shared on social media or anecdotes from friends aren’t always the most reliable, though they may be kindly meant.

Drawer of medical supplies

Some patients even resent the cost of proper medical tools and diagnostic equipment for their conditions. Keep in mind that the cost of getting sicker will be far higher than the cost of buying the right medical equipment, whether that’s high-quality bandages, sharps, a good walker, or even just a few pairs of compression socks. Las Vegas Medical Store is one location for high-quality and affordable supplies.


Learning more about your condition and the tools used to treat it is the first step to taking ownership of your health. It gives you back that all-important sense of control over your own life and body. You can make enormous changes to your overall well-being simply by making sure you take advantage of the medical technologies and treatments available to you.

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