Whether you or someone in your charge is dealing with urinary incontinence, stress incontinence, or fecal incontinence, our existing inventory of incontinence products can help you manage these issues safely and discreetly. An overactive bladder is embarrassing, but it can be managed easily and successfully. Products are available for every stage of incontinence, providing the tools needed to handle the situation without unnecessary frustration. Our supplies include a variety of adult diapers and briefs, adult washcloths and baby wipes, reusable briefs and pants, underpads, and hair and skin care products. Please browse through our online selection of incontinence products and restore dignity and comfort today.

Adult Diapers and Briefs

Dealing with incontinence issues is much easier today than it has been in the past. Today’s selection of adult diapers and briefs provide discreet protection while helping to maintain dry skin. Adult diapers and briefs are designed from soft material, so they feel almost like regular underwear, and they are just as quiet without the crinkling and noise made from earlier paper-like products. Our collection of quality products includes adult briefs with tape, adult pull-up diapers, bladder pads, and child diapers and pull-ups.

Hair and Skin Care Products

At Las Vegas Medical Store, we appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your personal care needs for the hair and ski and offer a full line of hair and skin care products for individuals who need specialized products or assistance or who do not have the mobility needed to take a full shower or bath. We offer a selection of items that assist in keeping skin odor-free and clean along with a variety of products that can be used without rinsing. Our inventory of hair and skin care products includes the following items: no-rinse solutions, lubricating jelly, perineal wash, and barrier creams and films.

Moist Wipes

Whether you are dealing with a loved one’s incontinence problem, a patient’s, or your own, arranging for a supply of moist wipes to be readily available at all times can help. Las Vegas Medical Store sells a varied selection of adult washcloths and baby wipes to our customers so that they have discreet access to the products they need to safely and comfortably manage the side effects of wearing adult diapers or disposable undergarments. Wipes are an important part of keeping the skin clean and free of unpleasant rashes that can cause discomfort, infection, and pain. Please look through our inventory for the style of moist wipes you need.[/vc_column_text]

[trx_title type=”3″ style=”underline”]Reusable Briefs and Pants[/trx_title]
Reusable briefs and pants are designed for individuals with incontinence who want to continue living an active lifestyle. Our products offer discreet management of urinary incontinence, while providing soft, comfortable, noiseless coverage that helps to keep the skin as dry as possible given the circumstances. If you are looking to prioritize your dignity and keep your ability to live an active lifestyle, browse through our full line of reusable briefs and pants, including ladies panties, men’s briefs, and pant and pad systems.


Having the confidence to sleep throughout the night often requires the use of underpads to protect the mattress. Our medical store understands how difficult incontinence can be to deal with so we offer a varied selection of underpads, including disposable underpads and washable underpads. Designed for home use or for use in a medical, hospice, or senior living facility, our inventory of underpads provides protection against light to moderate to heavy incontinence problems. Please browse our selection to find the product you need to ensure a safe and comfortable sleeping experience for you or for the loved one in your care.