We offer everything you need to manage minor health concerns safely and easily. Our inventory changes periodically, so please feel free to come back and visit often.

Burn Products

A burn on the skin causes discomfort and/or pain, depending on its severity. Superficial burns can often be tended at home as long as you have the appropriate burn care supplies. Typically, burn products for home use include gels, ointments, and sprays that are used to alleviate the pain and protect the wound against infection.

Clotting Products

Designed to assist in stopping the unwanted flow of blood in wounds of all kinds, clotting products include sprays and powders that are easy to apply. They offer reliable performance as a potentially life-saving clotting agent. Simply apply the powder or spray and apply pressure to stop blood flow. Every first aid kit should have one.

Emergency Products

An emergency can happen at any time, and they usually do. Emergency products are designed to help in situations requiring immediate medical attention. This category includes the following types of products: items for airway management, CPR equipment, immobilization, tourniquets for control of bleeding, trauma dressings for wound care, and triangular bandages for wound care.

Eye Care Products

Eye care products are specifically intended for use with the eyes only. They are designed to assist in managing irritation or injury to the eyes. More specifically, these products provide excellent flushing solutions for the removal of debris when the injury or irritation to the eye is not serious. They include eye cups and eye wash products.

First Aid Antiseptics

First aid antiseptics are an important part of protecting the body, particularly because many injuries to the body involve the skin. First aid antiseptics are commonly available in antiseptic gels and antiseptic sprays, both of which are relatively easy to use. The use of these products is beneficial and often provides faster healing and fewer infections.

First Aid Kits

Well-stocked first aid kits provide basic items needed for minor medical problems such as cuts, scrapes, and injuries. They contain bandages, cleaning solutions, antiseptic wipes, splints, gauze, adhesive tape, pain relief, first aid manual, and more. Ideally, you should have a first aid kit for each floor of your home and for each of your vehicles.

Fluid Cleanup

Protecting yourself from infectious materials during fluid cleanup is important if you want to remain healthy. The use of absorbing powders and clean-up kits provides exceptional protection along with efficient ways to properly absorb and dispose of bodily fluids.

Insect Sting Relief

Insect sting relief is typically provided by using one of the following three types of remedies – insect repellents, insect swabs, and insect wipes. Each product provides a unique method of delivery while offering relief from the discomfort created by an insect bite or sting. Relief varies depending on the number of insect bites and the severity of the sting.


When a bone is broken or suspected of being broken, splints are useful in immobilizing the bone until it can be set properly by a professional. We carry air, finger, sam-type, and wire splints for half and full arm, foot and ankle, half and full leg, hand and wrist, and finger problems.

Unit Dose Medicines

Unit dose medicines are commonly useful in treating minor symptoms from a variety of issues, including breathing difficulty due to colds and allergies, stomach upset, cramps, skin problems, and pain. Our unit dose medicines include products addressing the following needs: allergy, cough, cold and flu symptoms, ammonia inhalants, antacids, electrolytes, feminine relief, lip care, motion sickness relief, ointments, pain relief, skin care, and stomach relief.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the products you see or if you need an item that isn’t listed.