Here at Las Vegas Medical Store, we provide a wide collection of quality diagnostic equipment offering superior performance. Please browse through our following selections to find the medical supplies and products you need.

Blood Pressure Equipment

Keeping an eye on your blood pressure is important for your health, particularly if you have a tendency to become hypertensive. Blood pressure equipment enables you to watch for signs of high blood pressure as well as for an irregular heartbeat. Our large inventory of blood pressure equipment includes the following selection of quality devices: digital blood pressure monitors, manual blood pressure kits, and blood pressure replacement parts.


Our selection of electrotherapy equipment and supplies is sourced from well-known manufacturers providing superior quality and affordability. Currently, Las Vegas Medical Store provides the following types of electrotherapy equipment and products: ultrasounds and stimulator machines, self-adhering electrodes, and TENS units and supplies.

Evaluation and Testing

Evaluation and testing equipment is an essential aspect of any medical practitioner’s ability to measure a patient’s physical capabilities and progress during treatment. Our existing inventory of evaluation and testing equipment and supplies includes the following collection of items: calipers, hand strength testing, goniometers, measuring devices, percussion hammers, scoliosis testing, tuning forks, vision and hearing screening, and weight management testing devices.

Otoscopes and Ophthalmoscopes

Whether you are just starting your clinic or medical practice or you are replacing old equipment, our selection of otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes features a wide variety of products at affordable prices, enabling you to buy more and save money on the devices you need to examine your patients properly. Our current inventory of equipment in our category of otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes includes diagnostic sets, otoscopes, rechargeable batteries, replacement lamps, and replacement ear speculums.


One of the most important medical supplies for a physician today is the penlight. It is also one of the most frequently used items, which is why you should always have a few spares for backup in case you lose your penlight. Our current inventory of penlights includes a variety of styles in reusable penlights, one of the most popularly chosen products. This style fits easily into a physician’s pocket for handy access.


Modern styles in stethoscopes come in a wide selection of colors, sizes, and types, providing medical practitioners with the options and quality they need to care for their patients. Our current supply of stethoscopes includes the following popular options: Littmann stethoscopes, Littmann stethoscope accessories, nurses and dual-head stethoscopes, and Sprague-Rappaport stethoscopes. Please browse through our selection and let us know if you need a style that you do not see available.

Surgical Instruments

Surgical instruments are essential items when certain tasks are performed, including operations and other types of medical procedures. We provide surgical instruments offering the highest level of precision and quality and the latest in technological advancements, because we understand the importance of accuracy, reliability, and continuity in performing surgical procedures. Our current inventory of surgical instruments includes a varied selection of forceps, scalpels and blades, and suture and staple removers.


The products found in our thermometry category are suitable for home use as well as for use in a healthcare facility or medical practitioner’s office. We supply different styles of thermometers, including those used with the ear, mouth, and forehead. Our up-to-date selection of thermometry supplies includes a wide array of digital thermometers, disposable thermometers, ear thermometers, room thermometers, SureTemp thermometers and accessories, temporal thermometers, and thermometer probe covers.

Las Vegas Medical Store updates its inventory regularly, so please check back often for the medical supplies you need.