Clinic Equipment

Our collection of clinic equipment and supplies provides a huge selection of items necessary for daily operation of clinics and medical facilities. If you do not see a product that you need, please contact us.

Clinic Supplies

We offer a variety of clinic supplies for purchase, including identification bands, latex tubing, pill maintenance, plastic hospital ware, racks and holders, safety pins, and stainless steel ware. Our products are sourced for their durability, reliability, and affordability. We choose our clinic supplies carefully, enabling us to offer items of exceptional quality to assist you in your daily endeavors regarding patient care.

Disposable Paper and Plastic Products

An essential part of performing daily healthcare needs, disposable paper and plastic products are available in a wide selection, including professional towels and washcloths, drape sheets, examination capes and gowns, examination table paper, facial tissue, paper and plastic cups, and pillow case covers. We provide a variety of sizes and styles in disposable paper and plastic products that can be used by the patient, the practitioner, or both, allowing us to offer the best prices and affordable shopping.


Having the right type of furniture can make all of the difference in providing essential support for certain types of tasks. Ergonomically designed examination stools and foot stools, in particular, are designed to make it easier to perform examinations or reach taller areas without undergoing physical strain. They offer convenient, comfortable options for medical professionals. Carts provide necessary solutions for storage while also providing easy access to tools and equipment needed during an examination or procedure.

Patient Apparel

Today’s patient apparel is colorful and attractive without sacrificing any of the desired comfort and functionality. We offer a wide selection of patient gowns and slippers, giving our customers access to the apparel they need to keep their patients at ease during visits and examinations. Our sizes in patient slippers and hospital gowns range from smaller ones up to the largest sizes. Mix and match your selection or choose a single color and design.

Patient Room Supplies

If you are looking to provide excellent patient experiences during examinations and visits, we have the room supplies you need to do so. Our current inventory of quality patient room supplies includes IV poles, eye charts, examination lamps, privacy screens, and waste receptacles. We offer a wide selection of styles and price points, making it easy for our customers to find the patient room supplies they need to create as comfortable an experience as possible without incurring a huge expense.


Widely used in the health industry, scales are considered essential pieces of equipment. We offer a wide selection of baby scales, mechanical beam scales, digital scales, and dial scales for your purchase. They are durable and built with performance and longevity in mind. This equipment offers safe, secure performance along with accurate readings for the professionals using them. Each scale is built to deliver sturdiness, support, and stability during the process of weighing your patient. Portability is a featured characteristic of many of our scales.

Ultrasound Equipment

Our ultrasound equipment and accessories are chosen for their ability to offer reliable performance and ease of use. Currently, we provide a varied selection of quality lotion warmers, massage lotions, and ultrasound gels. Our ultrasound gels and massage lotions help to keep your patients comfortable during procedures. Lotion warmers maintain a steady temperature that keeps the lotions warm enough to prevent your patient from experiencing discomfort when the lotion is applied. All of our ultrasound equipment and supplies are designed to ensure a more comfortable experience for the patients.