Contour- KNEEZUP Led Wedge


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Sleeping with your knees elevated will help improve circulation to your lower extremities! This easy to use wedge is also great for recovery from knee surgery. Simply position the cushion below knees and relax!

Crafted with durable medical-grade foam that holds its shape over time, this contoured wedge pillow is designed to soothe sore knees, relax legs, and reduce back strain by elevating the knees during sleep. Raising the knees helps improve circulation to lower extremities and allows the lumbar curve to flatten out. Ideal for treating varicose veins and phlebitis, as well as for use during recovery from knee surgery, this supportive pillow comes with a soft, removable, machine-washable zippered velour cover.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 5″L x 10″ W x 7.5″H (23° incline)
  • Material: Foam
  • Cover Material: Velour
  • Helps reduce pressure on the lower back by allowing the lumbar curve to flatten out
  • Designed for the treatment of varicose veins and phlebitis
  • Elevates knees to a 30 degree angle so joints and muscles can relax, rest and rejuvenate
  • Helps increase blood flow to the lower extremities
  • Removable cover is machine washable
  • Constructed of medical grade foam and covered with a soft velour cover. Cover is zippered, removable and machine washable. 16.5″ x 10″ x 7.5″ (42cm x 25cm x 19cm)


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