Contour- Flip Pillow


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The Contour Flip Wedge Pillow incorporates a unique “flip” design to accommodate your every positioning need.  Use it as an elevation pillow, a bed pillow, knee and leg wedge,  or extra body support anywhere!  Ordinary pillows can be cumbersome to stack, falling over and sagging leaving you frustrated and unsupported.  Ordinary bed wedge pillows are very large and don’t provide versatile positioning. Now it’s easy to shift your pillow’s position, go from watching TV to falling asleep with just a FLIP of the pillow.

Product Details

  • “Flip Design” allows for total comfort and support in any position.
  • Comfort and align your neck, shoulder and lumbar region when used as back support cushion
  • Use it as a knee or leg pillow wedge or even in an office chair for added support
  • Rough dimensions of standard size is 19″ long x 20″ wide x 18″ high but can be arranged in a variety of positions. Filled with a soft hypo-allergenic fiber-fill.


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