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Knee pain is a common complaint which can be caused by a large variety of issues. While treatment for some of the issues is similar, there are diverse methods for treating each diagnosis.

Minor knee pain is often treated at home using anti-inflammatories and painkillers as well as various gels and topical creams. Heat packs and ice packs are also used for minor injuries to the knee. Where the pain persists or becomes chronic, you would need to seek medical advice. Home treatment usually includes protecting the knee from any further injury using a brace or padding, not using the knee extensively so that it can rest and heal, using ice-packs to reduce inflammation, and elevating the knee where possible.
Here are a few of the main causes of knee pain and their treatment specifications:

Torn or sprained cruciate ligaments: This is often a sports injury caused by twisting the knee, a sudden stop or even damage such as a blow to the knee. Knee will generally be swollen and painful and unable to handle weight. This type of injury may require surgery, knee braces and rest as well as prescription medication to improve.

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