Smallest Respironics Unit Ever!

At 5 pounds, the Respironics SimplyGo Mini is one of the lightest portable oxygen concentrator in its class. It offers pulse flow settings 1-5 and stands just 9.4” High x 8.3” Wide x 3.6” Deep. It’s small size means it will never get in your way and is easy to transport. And you won’t have to worry about the SimplyGo Mini ever weighing you down. With a concentrator this small you can give yourself the freedom you deserve and regain your quality of life!

SimplyGo Mini Travel

Impressive Battery Life

The SimplyGo Mini has two different battery options available; the 8-cell battery and the 16-cell battery. Having the two battery options provides you with the ability to select the battery that best suits your needs for the day. The single battery is the lighter option that gets less battery life. It’s ideal for running quick errands, doing things around your home, and exercising. The extended battery lasts twice as long as the single battery and adds just one pound to your concentrator. It’s ideal for things like traveling, extended trips away from your home, and going out for dinner.

Single Battery- Up to 4.5 Hours of Battery Life
Extended Battery- Up to 9 Hours of Battery Life

Comfortable Carrying Case

When you are using the SimplyGo Mini, it is extremely easy to carry and requires a minimal amount of energy from you because it is so lightweight. Not to mention, the custom carrying case that comes with the machine is equipped with a padded handle strap and a padded shoulder strap allowing you to carry the concentrator in the way you find most comfortable and convenient. Not only does the custom carrying case provide you with multiple ways to transport your concentrator, it also provides your SimplyGo Mini with an added layer of protection from everyday wear and tear.

SimlpyGo Mini Date
Respironics SimplyGo Mini Control Panel

Simple Touchscreen Operation

Operating the SimplyGo Mini is a simple and easy process. It is equipped with a vibrant touch-screen control panel that you will be able to master in no time. The touch-screen has visual cues to help you power the unit on and off, change flow rates, and view past alarms. Recharging your batteries is a quick and easy process. Simply connect your concentrator to the AC or DC Power supplies and your battery will recharge while you use your concentrator.

Additional Information on the Respironics SimplyGo Mini

How to Recharge Your SimplyGo Mini Batteries

Recharging your SImplyGo Mini batteries is an easy and painless process. There are three different ways you can recharge your batteries; the AC power supply, the DC power supply, and the external battery charger.

The AC power supply is equipped with a 110v power cord allowing you to plug it into any standard wall outlet. When the SimplyGo Mini is plugged into the AC power supply your battery will recharge and the concentrator will still supply you with oxygen.

The DC power supply allows you to power your concentrator and recharge your battery on the go. It is equipped with a 12v power cord that plugs into the cigarette lighter or 12v outlet in your vehicle. While your SimplyGo Mini is plugged into the DC power supply it is fully functional which means that you can use all 5 oxygen settings and your battery will still recharge. It’s recommended that you use the DC power supply any time you get in your vehicle. That way you can save your battery life for when you need it most.

Operating Your SimplyGo Mini

Powering Your SimplyGo Mini On and Off

Turning your SimplyGo Mini on an off is as simple as two taps of your finger. At the top of the touch-screen you will see the power button, all you have to do is tap the button twice and your SimplyGo Mini will turn on. Once the screen turns on you will see the Philips Respironics logo and then the unit will display the home screen which shows battery life, flow rate, and the settings button. You will repeat the same process to turn your SimplyGo Mini off, just two taps of the power button and the machine will begin to shut down.

Changing Flow Rate Settings

When using supplemental oxygen, it’s important to follow your doctor’s guidelines to ensure you are getting the right amount of oxygen. Adjusting the flow rate on the SimplyGo Mini is a quick and easy process.

When you are looking at the touch screen control panel you will see a large number displayed on the upper right hand side. That number is the flow rate your SimplyGo Mini is currently set to. To adjust the flow rate it’s a simple 2 step process:

  • First, you must tap/touch the part of the screen that is displaying the current flow rate, that will bring up a new menu
  • Once the new menu pulls up you will see your current flow rate setting, a “-“ button, and a “+” button
  • Then you will tap the “-“ or “+” button to adjust the flow rate to your prescribed setting
  • Once you select your prescribed oxygen setting, tap the house below the control panel to return to the home screen

Real-Time Battery Life Display

Checking the remaining battery life on your portable oxygen concentrator should be an easy process, and there shouldn’t be any guessing when it comes to how much battery life you have left. The SimplyGo Mini gives you real-time battery life readings on the home screen and it even gets more detailed if you go to the battery screen on the control panel.

When you’re using your SimplyGo Mini your remaining battery life will be shown on the home screen. You will see the battery symbol on the bottom of the home screen with 4 bars showing you how charged your battery is. That information alone will suffice for some patients, but if you tap the battery symbol the SimplyGo Mini will pull up a new screen that shows you exactly how much battery life you have left.

Detailed Alarm System

If something goes wrong with your portable oxygen concentrator wouldn’t you like to know what the problem is rather than having to guess and wonder? Well the SimplyGo Mini has one of the most advanced and user-friendly alarm systems on the market.

If your SimplyGo Mini alarms, for any reason at all, it will display an alarm notification on the home screen and it will keep a detailed account for every alarm that has gone off over time. You will never be left playing the guessing game again.

You can even access the alarm history for your concentrator by tapping the settings button and then tapping the alarm button. This will pull up a screen that lets you scroll through any previous alarms. This is especially helpful if you need to get technical support. It will allow you to tell the technicians exactly what alarm went off, expediting your call and the process that it may take to troubleshoot your machine or send it in for repair.

What Comes With Your SimplyGo Mini?

  • Respironics SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • 8-Cell Battery
  • AC Power Supply
  • DC Power Supply
  • Custom Carrying Case
  • Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Padded Handle Strap
  • Tubing
  • Manual
  • 3 Year Warranty 

Accessories Available for the SimplyGo Mini:

  • 8-Cell Battery
  • 16-Cell Battery
  • AC Power Supply
  • DC Power Supply
  • External Battery Charger
  • Custom Carrying Case
  • Custom Backpack
  • Accessory Bag 

Respironics SimplyGo Mini Specs:

Weight5 Pounds
Dimensions9.4” H x 8.3” W x 3.6” D
Flow RatePulse Flow Settings 1-5
Battery LifeUp to 9 Hours
Power100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 19 VDC
FAA ApprovedYes
Warranty3 Years

^A valid prescription is required for the purchase of this product