Patients who are suffering from chronic muscle pain can often benefit from the use of hot and cold therapy packs and accessories, including instant and reusable packs, heating units, moist heating units, cold therapy wraps, and paraffin bath and wax setups. Las Vegas Medical Store offers a wide variety of items used to treat muscle discomfort through the use of heat and/or cold. We also provide a number of accessories designed to enhance the patient experience when using heat or cold therapy.

Hot and cold products are typically used to assist in treating ongoing muscle discomfort, tissue swelling, joint stiffness, and pain. Initially, the goal might be to alleviate the problem, but rehabilitation is often the end goal. If you are looking for hot and cold products used in procedures focused on pain management and therapy, you can find them in this section of our online medical store where we focus on medical tools that deliver coolness or warmth to the inner tissues of the body.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy products are most frequently used to help relax stressed muscles and tissues in order to encourage relief from ongoing pain. The heat provided by this type of therapy is designed to reach deep into the muscles in order to deliver highly effective results. Some of the most commonly used products in the field of heat therapy are moist heating units and paraffin bath and wax sets. Paraffin heat therapy and moist heating units infuse soothing warmth into the joints as well as into surrounding tissues, alleviating stiffness and discomfort. They are often used when patients suffer from a decreased range of motion, particularly when it is due to sprains, arthritis, and other types of injury.

Hot and Cold Packs

Whether you are utilizing hot or cold therapy to provide relief for discomfort or to manage pain, maintaining the proper temperature is important in order to achieve successful results for treatment. Hot and cold packs are designed to provide reliable treatment for a specified time period. They deliver reliable results that you can count on to provide temporary relief for a variety of muscle and joint issues.

Whether you are a medical practitioner, sports trainer, or therapist, Las Vegas Medical Store carries everything you need to provide cold and heat therapy for sore muscles and pain. Our existing selection of products includes hot packs, moist heat packs, instant ice packs, and reusable gel cold packs. We even provide terry covers to make the use of these products more comfortable for the patient.

Cold Therapy Accessories

Cold therapy is commonly employed to assist in numbing muscles and tissue in order to alleviate the sensation of pain. Las Vegas Medical Store offers a number of cold therapy accessories to assist you in providing a comfortable experience for your patients while enabling a higher level of success in your therapy efforts. In particular, we recommend cold therapy wraps and cold pack storage. Cold therapy wraps deliver several hours of constant coldness for pain relief, the alleviation of discomfort, and the reduction of inflammation. Cold pack storage is designed to help you keep your cold packs organized. It also provides an easy method of transporting multiple cold packs safely and securely when traveling

Plastic Bags

Many individuals rely on plastic bags and ice to provide cold therapy that is quick and easy. Here at Las Vegas medical Store, we carry an affordable selection of plastic bags designed for strength and durability. Our inventory includes a variety of zip closure bags and twist tie closure bags for your purchase.