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Welcome to our online medical store, where we offer a comprehensive selection of competitively priced products for all of your professional and home health care needs. We know that specialty products can be expensive and finding them can be difficult, so we offer an easy shopping experience that provides everything you need in a single location. Las Vegas Medical Store is here to simplify the process of getting back to living to the fullest degree even though you have a medical disorder or condition arising from an injury, disease, or surgery.

Our facility sources medical products of the highest quality from well-known manufacturers and delivers an exceptional level of personalized customer service, ensuring you receive the equipment and supplies you need to enjoy life without embarrassment or unnecessary struggles. With superior equipment and top-of-the-line supplies, you will be able to keep your confidence no matter what activity you are participating in – school, work, or play.

Whether you are fully dependent on a caregiver to manage your needs or you have some mobility and control, our healthcare solutions are designed to fulfill your requirements and expectations to the fullest degree. We offer a complete line of medical supplies and products for patients dealing with a variety of health conditions, making it easy to find whatever you need–all in one location.

As a licensed reseller, we are committed to providing affordable solutions for the medical devices and supplies our customers need. We hope to exceed your expectations in every department, including sales, billing, shipping, and customer service. Along with the healthcare solutions needed to manage specific conditions, we offer professionalism, sensitivity, and knowledge.

Guide you to a better understanding of managing your medical condition or chronic disorder, assist you in recovering from a surgical procedure, help you to reclaim your dignity and self-confidence, and offer you savings on the medical supplies and equipment you need to manage your lifestyle. Whether you are searching for the equipment needed as you make the move from the hospital to your home or you simply want to find a professional provider who sources the latest in home healthcare equipment affordably and reliably, we are here to help. As a valued provider, we offer the guidance needed to make an informed decision regarding your purchase of medical supplies and equipment in Las Vegas.

Our highly knowledgeable, experienced, and fully trained staff eases the frustration of shopping for specialty medical products and supplies for all of our customers. Plus, our online Las Vegas medical store offers a total solution for those in need, providing appropriate devices and supplies that are relevant to your care. We offer comfortable, reliable solutions for all of your medical needs, including incontinence, orthotics, prosthetics, home accessibility, respiratory, mobility, and medical equipment.

Regaining your independence might be as simple as making a phone call or completing an online order. Try it today.

Our Pledge to Our Customers

We know that many of our customers are living with medical issues that are difficult to cope with and manage, so we strive to make a difference in their lives in every way we can, including

  • Sourcing superior medical supplies with long-lasting durability

  • Delivering solution-oriented information

  • Offering affordability on healthcare products, medical supplies, and shipping

  • Providing fast shipping

  • Delivering quality customer care and service

  • Serving our customers with dignity and honesty

  • Providing informational material

  • Offering flexible payment options


    Dedication to the provision of value in service and products


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    Because we care
    Transitioning to Life as a Caregiver

    Transitioning to Life as a Caregiver

    Most of us will spend some period of our lives as a primary caregiver. Usually, this is as a parent taking care of babies and small children until they are eventually able to handle their basic needs themselves – whether this comes at 15 or 25 depends on the child! The caregiver role can descend

    Recovering After Surgery

    Recovering After Surgery

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    Planning Ahead for your Family’s Medical Needs

    Planning Ahead for your Family’s Medical Needs

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