Durable Medical Equipment

Please browse through the following categories of durable medical equipment for the products and supplies you need

Aids to Daily Living (ADLs)

Las Vegas Medical Store provides access to a wide selection of aids to daily living (ADLs), including bathing aids, bed trays, dining aids, dressing aids, hip kits, magnifiers, patient bibs, reachers, personal hygiene aids, and patient assists and transfers.

Bathroom Safety

Bathroom safety is important for everyone, but it is even more essential for individuals with medical conditions. Our inventory of bathroom safety equipment includes raised toilet seats, bath mats, grab bars, commodes, toilet safety items, shower chairs, shower accessories, and transfer benches.

Beds and Accessories

Specialized beds and accessories can make life easier for patients with limited mobility, which is why we make sure that we offer them to our customers. Our current selection includes hospital bed sheeting, bed and mattress protection, APP pads, and overbed tables.


Our inventory features a variety of single point canes, seat canes, blind canes, quad canes, as well as cane tips and accessories. Each cane features different grips and handles, depending on the brand.


Often needed to assist in a faster recovery after surgery or an injury, crutches are sold in several styles. It is important to find a set of crutches that is comfortable while also being sturdy enough to hold the individual’s weight. Our selection includes forearm crutches, underarm crutches, and crutch accessories (pads, tips, grips, and cushions).

Diabetic Supplies

Many patients today are in need of diabetic supplies. One of the diabetic supplies we sell frequently is the insulin protector. Our medical supply store also offers a variety of travel cases designed to store your insulin supplies safely and discreetly.

Mobility Equipment

Individuals affected by a serious medical condition or injury often require mobility equipment to manage daily living tasks. Las Vegas Medical Store sells a wide variety of products designed to assist people with impaired mobility. Our equipment offers reasonable options to make life easier for patients and their loved ones.

Patient Lifts and Slings

An essential part of daily living for individuals struggling with limited mobility, patient lifts and slings are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and price ranges. Our existing inventory includes several types of electric patient lifts, slings, and hydraulic patient lifts, providing reliable options for use at home or in medical facilities and clinical settings.

Pillows and Cushions

Using specially designed pillows and cushions can ease the pain accompanying certain medical conditions and problems. Our existing inventory of pillows and cushions includes heel and elbow protection, knee pillows, gel cushions, back support cushions, cervical pillows, pressure relief pads, donut cushions, and memory foam cushions.

Respiratory Equipment

Respiratory equipment is responsible for saving hundreds of lives every year. Patients with pneumonia, asthma, and other respiratory diseases rely on this type of equipment to manage their conditions. Our collection of respiratory equipment includes nebulizers, oxygen accessories, respiratory disposables, CPAP accessories, and pulse oximeters.

Walkers and Rollators

Walkers and rollators are sold in different colors, sizes, and styles. Our medical store’s existing inventory of walkers and rollators includes knee walkers, hemi walkers, 4-wheel walkers with seats, heavy-duty 4-wheel walkers with seats, 3-wheel walkers, standard walkers, heavy-duty standard walkers, and walker accessories (cup holders, baskets, seat cushions, grip covers, glide skis, and forearm platforms).


Necessary items for individuals struggling with mobility, wheelchairs are designed for use in medical settings as well as in personal homes. Our selection of wheelchairs includes the following styles: bariatric transport chairs, bariatric wheelchairs, lightweight wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs, and wheelchair accessories.