DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine
DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine

DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine by Philips Respironics


Always on the Go? Traveling off the Power Grid? Then the DreamStation Go is for you!

Philips Respironics introduces the latest additon to the Dream family with the DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP Machine. The DreamStation Go is the lightest, smallest travel machine on the market today, making it the most popular CPAP Machine for people that love to travel.

Using the (Optional Battery) with your DreamStation Go, gives you the freedom to go anywhere! Great for camping, hotels, or having a back up when the power goes out. Battery run times will vary due to higher CPAP pressure settings, excessive mask leakage, altitude, temperature, charging devices with the USB port, and other variables. Average run times on 10cm is 13 hours. The 1.5 pound rechargeable lithium battery meets FAA requirements for in-flight use.

dreamstation go auto travel Cpap

If you are interested in a fixed pressure machine in the DreamStation Go, click here: DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Machine

Features of the DreamStation Go

  • DreamMapper Compatible
  • Bluetooth
  • Color Touchscreen
  • Built in Power Supply
  • Micro-flexible tubing
  • MicroSD card
  • USB port for easy charging of mobile devices
  • Built in power block
  • FAA compliant

dreamstation go bluetooth functionality


  • Size: Small, lightweight, weighing only 1.86 lbs, 1/3 fewer components than other travel machines.
  • Optional Battery: FAA approved 1.5 pound rechargeable lithium battery integrates with the DreamStation Go. Great for traveling off the Grid or for power back up. You can purchase the Battery at check out.
  • Micro-flexible tubing: New 12mm micro-flexible tubing is designed to provide you with the added freedom of movement. the 12mm tubing is 58% smaller than standard 22mm performance tubing. It offers enhanced flexibility and portability with click-connections on each end which makes connecting and disconnecting the device and mask simple.
  • Flex technology: Automatically evaluate user breathing patterns and provides pressure relief at the beginning of exhalation while also easing pressure transition from inhalation to exhalation in an effort to mirror the user’s natural breathing on a breath by breath basis. Flex delivers the right amount of pressure at the correct time making it much easier to stick with CPAP therapy.
  • DreamMapper cross-device connectivity: Users can track and monitor their combined progress across both home and portable PAP devices in one convenient dashboard on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Important: You have the option to purchase a rechargeable battery at check-out along with a travel case. The Medium Travel Kit accommodates the sleep machine with its battery while the Small Travel Kit accommodates just the sleep machine itself. Both kits also include a carry bag for the hose and mask

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