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Transitioning to Life as a Caregiver

Most of us will spend some period of our lives as a primary caregiver. Usually, this is as a parent taking care of babies and small children until they are eventually able to handle their basic needs themselves – whether this comes at 15 or 25 depends on the child! The caregiver role can descend […]

Learning the Lingo – What Medical Supplies Do You Need in Your Life?

 It’s amazing the number of objects that we use throughout the day without ever thinking of them. We spend years teaching children the functions and names of toothbrush, soap, comb, and towel, and then as adults, we use all of these things and more every morning to get dressed. When cooking, we can use dozens […]

How Handwashing Saved the World

When you think about groundbreaking medical advances, you probably think about things like the polio vaccine, or the discovery of penicillin. Maybe you think about the researchers frantically seeking a cure for cancer, or even of explorers and biochemists looking to the rainforest or deep oceans for naturally-occurring substances that can stave off debilitating diseases. […]

Careers in the Medical Field and Home Health

When you’re a child in school, there are a limited number of careers presented. Even the classroom decorations tend to focus on a few jobs – mostly ones with the easily-recognized dress. You’ve seen the bulletin board cutouts: doctor, police officer, construction worker, postal worker, business person. While there’s nothing particularly wrong with introducing children […]

New Advances in Medical Technology can Make your Life Easier

Recovering from surgery or adjusting to a new health condition can be overwhelming. In addition to physical discomfort, you have to sort through changes in your daily routine, adjust to new doctors, figure out your medication, and more. For many people figuring in new medical equipment can just seem like one more thing to figure […]